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What is hot-dip Galvannealed (GA) Material?
The human life is continuing to upgrade and requirement of steel products quality also improved better. Both problem of circumstance pollution and cost reduction need to be soluted, we recommend hot-dip Galvannealed (GA) materials to our customers. This kind of GA steel can save end users complex process of pickling, cleansing, and surface treatment. Galvannealed (zinc and iron alloy coated steel) materials are cost saving, possess fine quality and excellent performance efficiency, and at the same time environmental friendly.
1.Manufacturing process and inventory control is easy to manage.
Customers may order semi-finished products for stock inventory for flexibility in coping with small quantity or rush order requirements. The GA material is unlike cold-rolled steel which is susceptible to rust within seven days..

2.Simplified painting process

Cold Rolled Steel (SPCC): The painting process involves the following steps: pickling – degreasing – rinsing –cleansing – surface phosphated treatment – final paint coating

GA: The painting process involves process of degreasing – rinsing – final paint coating

Using GA steel, manufacturers can save 2 - 3 minutes processing time and some chemical solutions, reducing production costs around 4 - 5%.

3.Lower painting cost:

Cold Rolled Steel(SPCC): Both sides of the sheet should be painted to ensure quality stability.

GA: Only the top side needs to be painted.

End manufacturers used GA steel can save painting costs around 40 - 50%.

4.Aids environmental conservation
GA is an environmental-friendly steel material. It contains no lead, cadmium, mercury, or hexavalent chromium.
5.Simplified production process:
If a product is a kind of internal component, no extra painting or electroplating shall be necessary before installation.
6.Product quality upgrade:

SPCC: Corners and dead corners begin to rust easily.

GA: There is zinc coating with corrosion resistance can maintain product quality

SPCC:The rust will be happened if the process of pickling and surface treating is not properly did

GA: The cut edge will be protected because of zinc anode effect.

For oversized products that are not easy to wash clean, the greaseless hot-dip GA material undergoing special surface treatment may be employed.

PCC: Although a paint coating has been applied, collision or surface scratches could easily cause products to rust.
GA: Despite the presence of scratches on the product, the zinc coating protects the product from rusting.