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Auto Body Steel Panels


A pattern of lines appears on surface once formed
Zinc and iron alloys have high iron contents.
Once formed, tensile strength is inadequate
Base metals have insufficient tensile strength (TS) and yield strength (YS).
Air bubbles appear after EDP
Electric current is too high and heat drying process is too fast
Cross section rusts easily after painting
No conversion coating treatment has been conducted.
Zinc residue is noted on surface after painting
Cause: density of degreasing and rinsing chemical applied is inadequate.
Zinc and iron deposits are produced during continuous pressing.
1.Cross section of mold tooling is coarse.
2.Gap between tooling and steel material is too narrow.
3.Improper lubrication
4.Material used has higher coefficient of friction.
 Office Furniture Steel Panels


Sheet bounces after bending
Base metal has too much carbon contents and excessive tensile strength.
Angle of bend is not permanent
Base metal has too much carbon contents, causing an excessive deviation in range of yield strength.
Surface is not evenly flat
This is due to uneven distribution of pressure, insufficient tempering, and high carbon content.
Poor adhesion
Surface is treated with AFP or chromate.
Insufficient flatness
This is due to poor leveling precision; hence it is unable to relieve stress.
Inaccurate diagonal tolerancetolerance
This is due to poor leveling precision. Usually, if material measures 1219mm x 2438mm, the diagonal tolerance would be +/- 1.0mm.