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Discussion of Product Properties >>>

Pre-production inspection >>>

Confirmation during the production schedule interval

 Sustained improvement

In order to supply the appropriate material grade to customers, we study computer data carefully before selecting the right material. Next, we discuss significant matters each order or special requirements from customer with our technical staff..

After form pressing, oilstone grinding is conducted to hone surface. Record the detail of examination each test sample.

Production scheduling and material classification procedures are conducted based on the requirements of the three major industries employing GA materials in an effort to comply with the quality standards of the respective industries. We maintain stringent standards for all tempered steel products to meet the high quality standard demand of our customers.

We have incessantly improved and tracked our standard policies in the entire course of our production process, from the first to the last step. Hardworking lab personnel and technical research and development accomplishments are the epitome of our unending development efforts.